Here are the MikroBILL extensions written by users.*
You can write WEB extensions in PHP, or binary using MikroBILL_API. Documentation available.
Name Developer Version Compatible Description Screenshot Contacts Price
QiwiBOX 1.1.1 MikroBILL 2.0+
Parser payments from personal wallets QIWI! Bonus to MikroBILL payment module
Модифицированный личный кабинет для MikroBill RedPoster Версия 1.1.0 3990 руб.
Сервис авторизации Wi-Fi крым-сети.рф 2.0 MikroBILL v.2.0
http://крым-сети.рф/ 200 руб.
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* This page was created to collect extensions in one place. MikroBILL developers are not responsible for the actions of third-party modules. You install them at your own risk. Support and maintenance of third-party modules are provided by their developers.