от 18.02.2020
2.0.3 BETA
от 21.02.2020
от 30.12.2019

* A completely new web-portal of the subscriber with adaptation to the resolution and format of the device;
* Easy redesign of WEB-cashier with bug fixes;
* New subscription fee engine:
    New option to charge the subscription fee: "Monthly from the date of creation of the subscriber" for tariffs and services;
    New option to write off the subscription fee: "Divide the payment equally for a month" in the services;
    Arbitrary length of calculation period;
    Floating payment time (depends on the time of the upcoming write-off);
    Personal subscription fee for connected services;
    Services that a subscriber can only connect 1 time at a time;
    Easy planning of upcoming operations: subscription fees for tariffs and services are recorded in a special section of scheduled operations and are available for viewing and adjustment.
* Added the ability to save NetFlow statistics in the database to record the host to which the subscriber refers (the size of the database when you enable the option will increase significantly);
* The "reason for blocking" column in the main window.
* Selection of IP from which the cashier can connect via MikroREMOTE and WEB-cashier;
* Multi-search-allows you to search for multiple subscribers at the same time.

* Database connection stability, tables will break much less often;
* Optimized program code;

Changes in the logic of prepaid tariffs:
If at the time of payment the amount on the subscriber's account is insufficient, the subscriber is either blocked or moved to the blocking tariff (the subscriber's balance does not decrease at this point and can remain positive). After increasing the balance over the size of the subscription fee, the payment is debited, the subscriber is unlocked.

Before upgrading from MikroBILL 1.8.1, read the file "Upgrade from 1.8.1.txt" from the archive!
* Address directory
the Existing address will be parsed based on the syntax: "City, Street, House-Apartment". The original address will be moved to the additional Address_Old field;

* Quick commands that allow one-click execution of a Telnet command, Script, or executable, for example WinBOX;
* Customizable additional fields with data in the subscriber profile. Dopples can also be referenced from quick commands, scripts, triggers, and Telnet;
* HTTPS support for WEB portal;
the Certificate is automatically generated for the domain specified in the WEB personalization settings, the "HTTP web address" parameter. To activate HTTPS, you need to reinstall Apache from MikroBILL, to do this, from the Windows control panel, go to "Administration" - > "Services" and stop the Apache2.2 service. Next, run MikroBILL.exe, and click the "Options" button located on the left.

* Synchronization with scat DPI;
* Clients can now change their MAC address from THE web-Cabinet (you can enable this option in the settings window, "Administration" - > "Clients" - > "Permissions");
* Linking SMS cards to groups;
* SMS sender name moved to SMS card properties;
* Greek localization for WEB-cashier and subscriber web-Cabinet;
* You can now disable the creation of the DHCP Lease and ARP for PPP clients;
* Support for VivaWallet payment system.

* Reduced CPU load from MikroBILL service;

* Restored the work of WEB maps, requires API key Yandex;

* Payment receipt time is now displayed correctly in all time zones;
* Fixed problem with "hang" of checking new payments;
* Autorun on x64 systems;

Системные требования MikroBILL


ОС: Windows XP
ПО: .NetFramework 4.0 Extended


ОС: Windows 7 x64 и новее
ПО: .NetFramework 4.0 Extended
SSD: 120GB
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